As a lefty, there are a lot of things we have to adjust in life in order to make our lives more comfortable, one of those is the simple task of using a PC, it can often times be difficult to use a PC just off the bat as most mice and PC settings are designed with right handed people in mind.

This makes sense as this is the prominent configuration, even I, as a lefty, use a mouse and keyboard on the right hand side. However, if I had had this information back when I first started using computers (aka a very very long time ago), I might be joining my left handed brethren in the art of left handed mice.

Either way, to change the handedness of your mouse depends on your OS (Operating System), whether you use Windows or Mac will change and below I have listed out solutions for both of these

How to change to left handed on Windows

Windows 7

  1. Open Control Panel.
  2. Click Hardware and Sound.
  3. Click Mouse.
  4. In the Mouse Properties window click the Buttons tab and check the Switch primary and secondary buttons.

Windows 8

  1. Click Start and type mouse and click change your mouse settings.
  2. In Settings, change the primary button from Left to Right.
Changing to left handed Windows 8

Windows 10

  1. Right-click the Windows icon and select Search.
  2. Type mouse. Select Mouse Settings.
  3. Under the Select your primary button drop-down, choose Left.
Left handed windows 10

How to change to left handed on Mac

  1. Make sure you are in Finder view
  2. Press CTRL+F2
  3. Select System Preferences
  4. Select Mouse
  5. Under “Primary Mouse Button” change the option from Left to Right