Left handed people have an interesting history, what with all the religious and scientific people trying desperately to besmirch what is, in reality, a very minor point of our lives.

However, we have also managed to hold a few positions of power over the years, namely being able to hold what is widely considered the most powerful position in the modern world, the US presidential seat.

The question remains though, just how many US presidents were left handed? Well that is what this article is here to discuss.

First things first, there were 8 left handed presidents.

PresidentStart of presidencyEnd of presidency
James A. GarfieldMarch 4th, 1881September 19th, 1881
Herbert HooverMarch 4th, 1929March 4th, 1933
Harry S. TrumanApril 12th, 1945January 20th, 1953
Gerald R. FordAugust 9th, 1974January 10th, 1977
Ronald ReaganJanuary 20th, 1981January 20th, 1989
George H. W. BushJanuary 20th, 1981January 20th, 1989
Bill ClintonJanuary 20th, 1993January 20, 2001
Barack ObamaJanuary 20th, 2009January 20th, 2017

James A. Garfield

Garfield was the first US president to be left handed, this was back in the late 1800’s and so there was still a lot of stigma around being left handed.

Ironically, Garfield was shot by an assassin only 4 months into his presidency and died a further 2 months later, leading to him only serving 6 months of his presidency.

Whilst the assassination had nothing to do with him being left handed, that honour goes to a petty disgruntled man by the name of Charles J. Guiteau.

It is interesting to note the first left handed president was almost immediately assassinated.

Herbert Hoover

Hoover’s presidency was smack dab in the middle of the America’s great depression, leading him to try many different policies to fix the economy.

Unfortunately, he was unsuccessful and was decisively overtaken by Franklin D. Roosevelt (a righty) and earning him to less than appealing title of a below average US president

Harry S. Truman

Ah yes, Truman himself, so far in the list we have a president who lasted 6 months, a pretty below average president and now we have the guy who authorised the US to nuke Nagasaki and Hiroshima, killing hundreds of thousands of people.

It’s not looking good for left handed presidents at this point…

Gerald R. Ford

Gerald R. Ford saw presidency over the worst economy since the great depression, not a particular easy job to solve.

On top of this, he wasn’t exactly afraid of controversy with him granting a full presidential pardon to Richard Nixon surrounding the Watergate Scandal that Nixon’s administration tried their hardest to cover up his involvement in.

This was definitely an incredibly controversial move as there was some pretty damning evidence that Nixon signed off on a lot of the details around the scandal but according to this list so far, lefties aren’t exactly afraid to get their hands deep in controversy.

Ronald Reagan

Reagan was an incredibly busy man in life, first starting out his career as a sports commentator, then finding work as a hollywood movie actor and joining the Screen Actors Guild. He then became a spokesman for the general electric factories with his famous speech “A Time For Choosing” earning him national accolade and attention, ultimately fast forwarding his run up to becoming president.

Outside of that there are no interesting facts about his left hand, just that he had one, and used it.

George H. W. Bush

George H. W. Bush, not to be confused with his son, George W. Bush was the 41st United States president and was another lefty, moving more into the modern era now, we have another president who historians rank as above average on the whole.

Bill Clinton

Bill Clinton was another lefty, a democrat hailing as the 42nd president of the United States, this is another win for lefties as Clinton had the highest approval rating of any US president after his end-of-office since the death of Franklin Roosevelt.

However, not all fun and games as Clinton was accused of lying under oath and sexual misconduct with white house intern Monica Lewinsky.

Barack Obama

Barack Obama was the 44th United States president and another left hander, Obama was actually voted “Left Hander of the year” by the Left-Handers club just before he became president in 2009.

Obama also received the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize in 2009 which is a huge honour and goes to show that despite a lot of histories contempt for left handed people, there are still those who don’t hate us.

And that is a brief rundown of every left handed president in the United States of America, let me know down below if anyone of these shocked you or if you knew all of them and will be using the information in your next pub quiz!